The Symphony of Machines


In order to fully appreciate the Symphony of Machines, we suggest that you follow the itinerary shown on this roadmap. These five broadcast locations will allow you to experiment this interative multimedia show under different angles.

Don’t forget that you can participate to the Symphony by calling our vocal server on Azur number 0810 000 257 and leaving your song which will be integrated in real time to the Symphony.

2229 route des Crêtes
06560 Valbonne
  Espaces Antipolis
300 route des Crêtes
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
  Agora Einstein
905 rue Albert Einstein
06560 Valbonne

2600 route des Crêtes
06560 Valbonne


Les Lucioles - Le navigator
505, route des Lucioles
06560 Valbonne